Do you want to join the Tidal River SUFM team?

We're looking for people who:

are committed, creative Christians who are regularly involved in a church

are 17 years or older (families with younger children are welcome too)

have a desire to reach out to families and children with the good news about Jesus

and can be part of both the preparation and the 2 week program in January!

Is this you?

If so, please contact the Directors on  to find out more or turn up to a team meeting. Preparation begins in July each year with monthly team meetings on Sunday afternoons in Hawthorn (see below for dates).

KEY DATES 2015-2016

Team Meetings: 2-4pm, Sundays July 26, Aug 30, Sep 27 & Oct 25 at Hawthorn West Baptist Church, 36 Barton St, Hawthorn

Fundraising Event: Movie Gala Night (TBA)

Torque (SU) Training day: Sat 4 October

Bushdance: Fri 16 October

Team Weekend (compulsory):20-22 November, Upper Plenty Conference Centre

Tidal River Mission Team Dates: Sat 2 Jan - Sat 16 Jan 2016 (including set up and pack up days).


You may like to start to think and pray about which Keenite and GT groups you want to be part of this year.

Keenite (program with the kids) - if they have JUST FINISHED...:
Koalas - 4yo Kinder, Preps and Grade 1
Kangas - Grades 2, 3 and 4
Proms - Grades 5 and 6 (morning and evening program)
Tidal Waves - Years 7, 8 and 9 (morning and evening program)
Eldads - Years 10, 11 and 12 (morning and evening program)
Adultz - anybody else, but especially parents

Afternoon BizChilled activities for Tidals and Eldads every second afternoon

Evening BizOpen-ended fun games each evening for younger primary age, in Happening Hollow or the big tent

GT Teams (Get Together Concert - each morning, also one night at end the end of each week)
Life Drama - short drama based on/around the Bible theme for the day with some serious humour
Puppets - short daily play aimed at the younger kids (and internal 4yo in all of us) in the crowd
Music - not just singing songs, there are actions and fancy dress to be had too
Audience - we take care of the audience, provide pre-concert entertainment, tea and coffee etc
Serial Drama - whatever happens, happens...a play in 9 episodes...

We depend on volunteers to make Tidal River SUFM happen. Each year hundreds of children, young people and families get to know God better and make great new friends through our events because of the 70 or so volunteers who give up their time to make it happen.

All Scripture Union volunteers are required to complete an Application Form and a Consent to Release National Police Record. These forms are provided at the team preparation meetings.

Financial contributions to support the team are welcome and we hold at least one fundraising event prior to the program which we appreciate your support for!

More general information on Scripture Union missions.